Let's learn about the beef snack cousins....

Biltong is an air dried beef snack, very similar to cousin, beef jerky, yet so different. Beef jerky is cooked using low heat and originates in the U.S.A while biltong originates from Southern Africa.
I am originally from South Africa and have travelled abroad quite a bit and have discovered that it really is challenging to find a good quality biltong fuelled with flavour. There are so many of us that are paleo or even just eating the healthy way.
I believe that it is really important to know what we put inside our bodies. Illy Bites biltong is based on the values of providing a good sustainable high protein snack that can be eaten anywhere, anytime without feeling guilty. We source only the best premium New Zealand grass fed beef and we always aim to offer our customers a good quality product each time.
Both beef jerky and biltong are traditionally made using beef, however, biltong can been made using other types of meat such as game, and most recently on my trip back to South Africa I came across biltong made with chicken?!!? Now you probably thinking, What? How? Yes I kid you not, CHICKEN! I would not recommend making biltong from chicken in that chicken falls into risk category meats and unfortunately one can get really sick eating uncooked or improperly cooked chicken.
As biltong is not cooked and dries over a course of a few days, using chicken is a health risk factor and a free invitation to food poisoning, so to all my biltong buddies out there , don't try making biltong with chicken.... Let's leave the chicken to Nandos. 

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