illy bites is a "Made in New Zealand" Brand and what does this really mean?

Kia Ora Biltong Buddies,
illy bites has recently become an official "MADE IN NEW ZEALAND" brand and I decided to elaborate more on what this really means?
It doesn't mean that before becoming a "MADE IN NEW ZEALAND" brand that the company was not registered or complying under strict regulations and compliance, it simply means that the company adheres to certain criteria and is able to stand out as a
"Proudly Made in New Zealand Brand'
This is an extra step our company has taken as we value our customers and we are Proud to be a New Zealand brand as Aotearoa is globally recognized, respected and even with our population size, New Zealand is leading in many industries.
So what exactly is the criteria to be a "MADE IN NEW ZEALAND BRAND"?
  • Firstly where does the significant manufacturing process take place? It must take place in New Zealand
  • The ingredients must be sourced locally right here in Aotearoa
So what does the iconic kiwi trademark represent?
The kiwi trademark signifies that a product is "New Zealand Made" according to and complying with the rules of the Fair Trading Act. As a registered trademark, it has a strict set of rules (Code of Practice) governing how it can be used. Products must be registered with BNZM and must meet the criteria in the Code of Practice to use the trademark.
When products carry the registered Kiwi trademark, customers can be confident that the country of origin is indeed New Zealand.
The Kiwi trademark is a trusted brand that is globally recognized as a label depicting NZ Made products.
All illy bites products proudly display the iconic kiwi trademark.
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For any questions or enquiries, please feel free to contact our team @ illy bites
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Toll Free NZ : 0800 ILLY BITES
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